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This data is from Nexstorm - storms up to 1200km

Lightning counts this month: 0

Time of last count: 15:26:05 2020/12/25

Lightning count since noon (Nexstorm): 0

Lightning count since midnight(Nexstorm): 0

Lightening count last immediate hour, from the nextstorm integration: 0
Lightening count last minute: 0
Lightening count last 12 hours: 0
Lightening count last 30 minutes: 0

05:00 AM-23/03/21

Lightning - CG+ strikes within 30 km of Gorge Creek Orchards
Lightening counts since noon from 1 wire: 0
Lightening counts since midnight from 1 wire: 0


Source: Paddy's Green Mareeba


This data is from the 1-wire, it records CG+ strikes within 30 km


This data is from the Nexstorm

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